color set.

the place where death was near

It's being so long since i last write anything here, but not enough for all the things that have happened. Good and bad, nonetheless i'm pretty happy where i am standing right now.

The agency i used to work for turned out to be a sour experience. We learn with every experience, even the ones we let go.

I miss the life i want to have, because i don't know it yet. I still go every weekend to the capital, mainly because i've enrolled myself in a photography workshop (the first) and is so excited to suddenly see all the branches of roads i could be taking. 

I'm also giving a workshop myself, "color correction in photoshop for creatives and photographers" :) and a bunch of new things i cannot talk about yet. Plus i've received some good critic about people in the media of photography i admire...

(and got a color gift from two fellow photographers)

It's curious, i've understand something i cannot put into words...

the sun setting behind the volcanos

the day after the party

early morning in mexico city

botanic garden

mexico city

strange house with crocodile 

andrea's portrait i never uploaded

Día de Muertos, Coyoacan, México. 
The color I applied to this last picture was a gift from The Color Shop, you will find it in their new edition.

Talking about color, the other day i wrote that i was going to give away a free curves for reaching +400 likes in my facebook page, but i thought something better than that.

So in the next few days I'll upload my first free action (or tutorial? what do you prefer?), very simple, but is the color set of this picture:

Stay tuned ; )

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