Today I walked for a very long time before realizing that I didn’t know where I was headed, but isn’t life like that anyway?

There was something utterly different about this day, even though I can’t really put my fingers on it. I’m not sure if it was the sunlight oddly diffused by the clouds beneath, or the weird dreams that haunted me last night, like ghosts from another life.  Nonetheless there was something and I couldn’t speak. It surprises me how much time can pass without me saying a word, without smiling kindly to strangers that walk next to me in the street.

A part of me is numb. We were more alike than you thought. Do people change? I don’t think so, unless they’re forced by some traumatic event.

Death changes us, when it should be life the one that does. 

people preparing the stage for The Shins, after Portugal. The man played tonight.

fox painting behind the stage where Portugal. The man played.

car covered with flowers at the entrance of the event, and a couple kissing behind.

Portugal. The man.

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