Dropping college and moving on

After complaining about my career for nearly two whole years, I finally get the nerve to drop out. The semester is not over yet, and I already feel weird with the recurrent thought of not coming back after Christmas. 
Of course I made this decision because it’s been a long time since I last experienced design as the way of living my life. I can’t believe yet, how many things have happened since I moved here, three and a half years ago. 

I had grew up in this small city in southern Mexico, and months after ending my first relationship with the desperate need of moving on, I literally moved more than a thousand kilometers, to live in the university where my bigger sister had studied for almost six years.

I have to confess I never thought about it much. I just wanted to go away. I just wanted it to go away.
Three and a half years later I’m going away again. Not for the same reasons, although I was motivated by similar circumstances, the final choice had been beating underneath my skin for many months now.

I don’t know with certainty when I’ll be coming back to this place, but now I want to go farther, and forward. If things go as planned, in seven months from now I could be visiting Paris for the first time, to pursue this life choice.

Not very deep inside my mind, I'm very scared and anxious. But I keep thinking, if I don’t do this now, if I never do this, I could be wondering how this could have turned out to be for the rest of my life.
Therefore I’m leaving. I know I won’t be missing this place, because leaving places has always been easy. The people on the other side, is something I’ve never learnt to let go.  But once more, if I don’t do this know, I feel like I could be regretting it forever… I don’t want more red. 


I'll finish this post with a few pictures I took two saturdays ago... in the photography workshop I'm taking with Tony Solís :)

model: mario chanona

stylist and direction by: tony solís, miches rivas, phit, jaime haro, salmi solís, oriol rovira, simón malavez, julio chavez, alvaro venegas, alfie boox and me

photography and post-production by me.

A huge part of me doesn't know how to direct boys, and is very glad to be finally shooting a woman this weekend! :)

ps. i have created lots of new curves for the new year's eve!! i expect to try them soon enough!


  1. congratulations on such a big decision! I was in a similar position for much of my university study, but I did not have the courage to drop out. now, 4 years later, I have finished uni with two degrees. although this may give me work, I have no passion or desire to obtain work using these degrees. photography is what I want to do.

    I am very excited to see your journey forward! you have a wonderful creative eye for photography <3

  2. Te admiro y te apoyo en todo. Yo también he andado de un lado para otro. Da lo mismo a dónde llegues.
    Lo importante es siempre estar consciente de tu talento y la capacidad que tienes para desarrollarlo. Se oye aburrido y trillado pero así son las cosas.
    Me es un honor trabajar contigo hoy.