Behind the river

They were not always ugly. I remember some good sundays, when I was a child and we went on expeditions and pretended to be other people. I also had the lazy sundays watching zombie movies with his oversized shirt and naked feet. And the sunny sundays last year where you woke me up and I ask you to go back to sleep even though light had already licked our eyes. Those were nice sundays. Probably that's why sundays taste so bad, you get used to share them with someone and sooner than later, you can't share them anymore. They become bitter and taste like everlasting sunset, one that you can't enjoy. Everlasting sunsets like in Paris, with the sun always hitting behind the river.

Pictures place me, I look at them and I know exactly how I was feeling and what I was thinking. That is why I barely have been taking pictures lately.

Some of these pictures they can go as far back as 5 years, some others belong to Paris, last one is a self portrait. 

People break.

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