Silent Paris

It never felt like christmas, perhaps because we never had a tree to smell at the apartment, or because everything related to my idea of christmas - and me - was kilometres away. 
It was one of those nights in between nights, that never are repeated, they become flashes through time and are so very rare, it sort of feels like wearing your grandmothers last century treasure in your chest. No one else will have it.
We had a small dinner with maybe very oily potatoes my old friend and I made for my new friends. We watched a christmas movie even, to get in the "mood" because the event was too distant from all of us, and after that we watched Midnight in Paris. I remember thinking to myself, how hilarious it was to be watching midnight in paris while we were there, instead of making a midnight in paris for ourselves.
We jumped in the stairs with a bottle of red wine, and grab for the first time the bikes at the velib station, and start riding. I don't think I will ever experience such a quiet Paris. The streets belong to us, and I felt a weird dizziness because this strange place suddenly felt like home, and at the same time I knew it was gone as it was happening.

It was cold, and we screamed as we went down every bridge we crossed. I think I have never been so physically exhausted, I couldn't feel my fingers nor toes when we arrived to the tower at five in the morning. The lights were off, and even though at first it made me feel stupid and ignorant as we went all the way there to see her glowing, unexpectedly felt like one of those experiences you long to have, a secret; like watching your lover's skin in the middle of the night, it became a secret between us and the streets and wind that moved the tree branches. 

It was the closest to perfection.

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