her name was november

Collaborative photoshoot with clothe designer Sol Peniche
& the model is my friend veronica

(When I start editing my pictures I always do it listening to a song, and I repeat it until I'm done. This time was "roads") 

After very long time, and a bit of trouble with the raw file, I finally took photos I'm proud of.
This photoshoot turned out to be a little different from what I had planned in the beginning, the result is more intimate. I still have a lot of pictures, but these are the ones I love the most (the first is my all time favorite so far) 


  1. Vero is so so beautiful. I love your use of the greenish sepia colors but i must say that since the clothes are so bright and pretty and she has that lovely lipstick&nail&freckels combination, the colors make her look more amiable <3