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December, not really hard to believe thinking in all the things that have happened since I uploaded that first post, i really have no excuse for all the time that i have taken, except that i wanted.
Here are some old pictures, that you probably have seen on flickr or facebook, but anyway:

portrait of my friend veronica, taken early this year

volcano seen from my friends apartment

sofi my cousin, probably chasing a memory

a dream forest

friend's apartment, on which i stayed for two months after someone broke into mine. they stole my fim camera, and my old pc.

leaving mexico city; & arriving.

beautiful view of the volcano, from university

this photo belongs to a short story, that I will upload later in the days to come

a nothing self-portrait, after i dyed my hair red (soon blue).

handsome from the band Voxhaul Broadcast; i was "invited" to photograph certain groups during the first music festival 72810 (+modest mouse), i will post all those pictures later too. 

another portrait of veronica

old portrait of girl in the sea

A lot of things happen this semester, even though i feel like it was the shortest. Many informal photoshoots, I got to meet one of my favorite photographers, and i have an upcoming photoshoot this week with a dear friend, and some designer clothes! We will see how that goes... 

And last but not least, I'm giving away two free color curves:

for download & information visit my facebook page

Following Julia Trotti example : ), I'll try to bring with every new post (or every two) a free curve + photography tips i have learnt! So stay tuned!
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