home and the sea

I was born in the Yucatan peninsula, always sunny, always calm. Three years ago i moved near mexico city to study a bachelor in visual information design, which i haven't finish yet.

So i often travel back and forth every time i have a chance to be home.

small town on the road to the airport

This last trip home, i did not see any land while flying, only infinite clouds as they were mountains, as if land had never existed... Just after the plane took off, i got to see a gasp of the world beneath.

I arrived to the everlasting sun, and my mom and i were alone because everybody else was in their own unfinished travel; it was sunday and we went to eat fish to the sea, with my uncle and cousins.

In my lasts visits they seem to me always upset or sad. Of course that was not determinant, and they were making silly jokes on the road home (jokes that only kinds understand).

Ele, seeing herself in the camera and smiling.

And she again after saying that she is not a baby anymore

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