i intended to make a blog post the first day of this year, but i'm must confess that other things caught my attention and my energy, and it got carried away with new year's eve hangover and sleepless nights.

as you know i quit college, and now i'm staying in my hometown for the next seven months (ohgodwhy)... working and studying french so i don't starve to death in parís (because as far as my plan goes, is getting accepted to a graduate photography school in france)... 

but well. each week i'll be taking at least one good photo (is a promise to myself)... haaaaa! sorry for this shitty blogpost, i do have lot's of things to say, my mind is everywhere but here. i'll leave you with this weeks photos in the hope that they speak better of myself. 

ps. all of these photos were edited with my curve "Lover" +color balance, i made this curve a while ago along "Lover II" which is the warm version of the other. happy new year!

ps2. yes, i hate drawing. 

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