one weekend vacation+

view from the apartment's terrace, Puerto Aventuras

One weekend vacation to the sweet Caribbean sea with my college friends. The apartment belong to the uncle of one of my friends, it had a small pool in front of the lake, with a room behind that had a HD tv and air conditioner (you must imagine this place at last covered in cigarettes, and red plastic cups)... For some reason I never take many pictures when I'm distracted having fun. 

I did take my camera with me the day we went to the beach, but I hid it in my bag so I could tan myself and swim freely, so I'm just posting a couple of snapshots. 

friends at the beach

small living-room next to the terrace (wouldn't you love to do a photoshoot here?)

AND, I will have a lot of new portraits this week, as I have arranged three different shoots, exciting + I've been accepted in an agency to do my professional practices (even more exciting, I'll write about that in the next post).

ps. self portrait I took on Wednesday: 

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